Our Story

Christmas Trees

Green Trees is an Irish company specialising in the supply of real Christmas trees and foliage to the corporate market. Trusted by Ireland’s leading companies, we are proud to boast produce that is fresher than that available in shops or the market, cutting and delivering our produce to order.

Our principle is simple: Quality, Consistency and Sustainability. Our products meet the increasing demand from retailers and consumers for more environmentally-friendly goods with our particular foliage which is assessed to have ‘the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

Green Trees is focused on horticulture. We curate products and collaborate on projects from workshops to events and consultancy. Green Trees has been inspired by the beauty of nature.



Our Product


Grown in the beautiful rolling foothills of West Wicklow since 1989. As growers of natural Christmas trees we fully understand the role we play in promoting a sustainable resource. The forest environment is protected by the fact that Christmas trees are continually being planted to replace trees being harvested currently at a ratio of 3:1 in accordance with sustainable yield management promoted by the Forest Service. As part of our offering, we promote a recycling collection programme after Christmas, where all trees collected are chipped and used as mulch.

Our Trees and Green Foliage are 100% Irish natural products, renewable, recyclable and local and last year we along with our partners planted 35,000 Christmas trees.


We deliver Nationwide via our in-house team! Get in touch today to organise a bespoke delivery service to your requirements.