Dried Curly Willow
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Dried Curly Willow


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Curly willow branch make a fabulous addition to any floral arrangement or centerpiece. Dried willow branches can be shaped for your specific needs. Simply soak the branches in warm water for a few hours, until even the thickest portion of the stem becomes pliable. All our curly willow branches are soured and dried naturally for 6 months on our farm in Wicklow.


Size: 5ft-6ft  Branches
 in a Bunch: 12 - 15
The vase is not incl.
Handpicked and sourced on our farm in Wicklow.
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Dried Curly Willow

Dried Curly Willow Branches for Arrangements (Long Stem) 8-10 stems Length 3-4 feet — Single Bunch. Salix matsudana, the Chinese willow, is a species of willow native to northeastern China. The species is named in honour of Sadahisa Matsuda, a Japanese botanist.[1] Three varieties are recognized, Salix matsudana var. anshanensis, S. matsudana var. matsudana, and S. matsudana var. pseudomatsudana. The species is widely cultivated in China, and a horticultural variant with twisted twigs and trunk, the corkscrew willow (S. matsudana var. tortuosa), is widely planted.

Curly Willow, Corkscrew Willow, Snake Willow, Contorted Willow!… Many names. Incredibly unique plant. This willow grows with extreme vigor. We’ve seen it be able to be 6”+ in diameter and 15’ or taller within just 3 years from rooting as a cutting. We plant this variety extensively in our living walls, privacy fences, and as bio-filtering and biomass producing areas.

This willow would be worth growing if only for the ornamental value but you could consider planting it for very rapid carbon sequestration, fodder and feed for livestock, insanely fast growing biomass for chop and drop mulch applications, filtering of water ways, silt catch and erosion control, unique wood craft material (crazy spoons and beautiful handles) and potentially as rocket mass heater fuel if dried well.

Your purchase will provide you with 10 freshly harvested and super ready to root dormant hardwood cuttings. They will be between 6” and 12” depending on stock availability, and we often throw in a few extra to be sure you are happy and successful!

Easy to root in a nursery bed for a year to then be transplanted out to a final planting spot, or ‘stuck’ right in position where you want it to grow (provided you offer a little TLC of mulch, some watering, weeding and protection in year one)