Variegated Pittosporum
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Variegated Pittosporum


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Variegated Pittosporum, also known as Variegated Pitt, is a leafy filler green with woody stems. Each of the stems is densely packed with small, greyish green, variegated – or multi-toned – leaves. The pale yellow and white coloration on the leaves of the Pittosporum gives an interesting texture to any arrangement. The densely packed leaves also give a lush and abundant feel to your bouquet or centerpiece.


Variegated Pittosporum is a very popular filler greenery for rustic and vintage themes.
This leafy green’s voluminous texture pairs well with smooth flowers, such as roses, cottage roses, chrysanthemums, and orchids.

Delivered in a handmade Jute Sacks

Size 7" / 8"
Stems 12 - 15 Stems in a Bunch

Hand picked and sourced on our farm in Wicklow.
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Variegated Pittosporum

Variegated pittosporum is a popular evergreen shrub that is used as a landscape plant, as a cut foliage crop, and occasionally as a potted plant for interior. Leaves are evergreen, thick and leathery, obovate, with entire margins, up to 4 inches long. Flowers are fragrant, white to lemon yellow, in many flowered umbellate clusters. Fruit is a 3 valved, globose capsule. Variegated pittosporum (cv. Variegata) is the most popular cultivar. Pittosporum is native to Japan and China.

Pittosporum plants are very versatile and thrive well in the sun or shade. Learning the proper ways on how to plant and care pittosporum plants is easy.

Aside from their unique scented flowers, the pittosporum plants can be wonderful for borders or hedges because of their fast growing and beautiful foliage. In addition, they are also genus for almost two hundred species flowering plants.

Most of the species of pittosporum plants are native in Southeast Asia and Japan, although the majority of them are recognized in Africa.

Pittosporum leaves are typically whorls and spirals and most of them don’t exceed two to three meters after many years of growth. Growing pittosporum plants is fun because of their foliage and beauty.

Pittosporum plants can be called in different names. Other names of the plants are Karo, Kaikaro, Black Matipo, Japanese Pittosporum, Stiffleaf Cheese wood, Japanese cheese wood, Kihihi, Tawhiwhi, Kohuhu, Kohukohu, Australian laurel and Japanese Mocked-orange.

There are all kinds of Pittosporums – evergreen shrubs that are located in warm climates of the world and unable to thrive in temperatures below 30 degrees.

These shrubs, which can be used as a hedge or ornamental shrub, can be planted in either partial shade or full sun.