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Two Tone Umbel Vase


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Our Green Umbel vase is a simple, yet elegant, hand-blown glass vase made from thick, recycled glass. The neutral style suits any environment; and the beautiful imperfections inherent in recycled glass means that no two will be identical. A two tone recycled glass vase,  hand blown in Morocco.

  • Height 34cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Green/Clear
  • Blown: Mouth Blown
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Two Tone Umbel Vase

Two Tone Umbel Vase proves that beauty truly lies in simplicity.

The ‘smooth to the touch‘ pale concrete and the hand-painted salmon pink base contrasts brilliantly to cohesively pull the look together.

Standing at a height of 22cm, this concrete plant pot is the perfect size for holstering a host of your favourite house plants and flowers.

The Umbel concrete vase adds just a hint of femininity to your space, finishing off any style spot you choose to throw together. Our partner, based in Shenzhen craft some of the most beautifully sculptured home accessories we’ve seen. Every item is designed in-house ensuring each piece is totally unique. Strange as it may seem the the North Pole Tree Farm is not anywhere near the North Pole. It is actually in Scotland. For us who work mostly in London it is a long way north, over 400 miles in fact so it might as well be near the North Pole…our little joke!

We have been selling Christmas Trees for over twenty years and for most of that time we have offered artificial trees alongside our traditional real trees. Some people it seems don’t like trees that drop their needles, smell a bit different and want something that isn’t green. Really? Yup, it’s true but we have noticed that the demand has been falling year on year for the last six years so in 2019 we will not be selling any artificial trees and it’s bye bye plastic! The wonderful thing about Christmas is that it is a time for both giving and receiving. Whilst our business is about selling Christmas Trees and accessories it also affords us the opportunity to spread a little joy and provide some benefits to the communities in which we operate.

This will be a list of Christmas Markets and Fairs that we will keep adding to. Please enjoy and feel free to give us feedback on how you get on at this Fairs.